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South Carolina native, Erica D'Amato, has always had the burning desire to see the world. She has lived in many places, but now resides in Irmo, SC with her husband, TR, and their two dogs. You will often find them playing any active sport, riding their jet-ski on the lake, or building furniture from scratch for their cottage. With a love for design, Erica has put lots of time and careful planning into the aesthetics of their home, which translates into any event that she coordinates. 


Sequoia trees are known for having a strong, sturdy foundation with green leaves through every season. We pray that your big day is the start to a marriage that stays strong and alive through any season.


Erica has had a love for anything creative since she was young. Her imagination has taken her many places and now she is putting that creative flow into weddings. She loves taking ideas and bringing them to life, whether that's for a dream home, a dream job, or, you guessed it, a dream wedding. Details are her love language, so let her show you how much she loves you by coordinating your big day, hand writing your invitations, or putting together the perfect shower.